Easter chocolate brands are spending big on digital ads

Credit: Monika Grabkowska via Unsplash

Digital Marketing Intelligence Platform Pathmatics revealed which chocolate brands spend a lot on digital ads.

Eugene du Plessis, Pathmatics ANZ Regional Director: “As with all times in the cultural calendar, we are seeing an increase in digital advertising spend by brands as these occasions approach, Easter being a huge opportunity for FMCG brands.

“It’s interesting to compare the brand’s tactics with those of Mondelez who are spending big on promoting age-old Aussie favourites, like the return of Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

“Other brands such as Mars, Lindt and Darrell Lea have instead spent money revealing brand new Easter products for the season in a bid to earn a spot in Aussie’s chocolate stash.

“Then we have Nestlé, which spends very little on any Easter-specific advertising, probably because it is already a go-to brand for Easter eggs, and instead focuses its efforts on promoting its existing product range.”

From the beginning of 2022:

  • Mondelez tops the list of biggest ad spenders with a key focus on bringing Cadbury’s creme egg back to shelves in time for Easter.
  • Lindt was the first company to get into Easter advertising, launching its first campaign on February 2.
  • Mars was the last, starting his campaign on March 20.
  • Nestlé has taken a different approach with its digital ads dedicated to product-specific advertising, as opposed to anything Easter-related. Instead, his efforts focused on promoting his newly transformed packagingwithout hard plastic.

Advertising spend from January 1 to April 8:

Easter 2022 - Pathmatics

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