Interested in graphic design? Want to learn how to use design tools? Start here with Baily Biederman!

Meet an experienced graphic designer and educator, Baily Biederman. It will help you master the design tools. Read on and sign up for Baily’s weekly “Free Resources” newsletter. here!

Baily Biederman is here to teach us the tools used in graphic design in an engaging, clear and simple way. Read on and sign up for Baily’s weekly “Free Resources” newsletter. here!

We can all recognize great design work: having “oohed” and “aahed” on a gorgeous logo or an amazing website. The truth is that graphic design is the bridge between a bland product and the product that blows your mind.

But you can’t start learning design if you’re not completely comfortable with design tools – that’s where Baily Biedermann Between. Those who design as a hobby or use design tools in their own line of work (such as photographers) also use this course to familiarize themselves with design software.

Baily describes her rocky beginnings in design. “I remember feeling SO overwhelmed and frustrated trying to learn Adobe’s design programs on my own. Almost two decades ago, I was sitting at my computer, staring at a Photoshop screen, flipping through my Photoshop training manual, and feeling more lost and confused than ever.

Eventually, through trial and error and a lot of hard work, Baily learned design and went on to become a graphic design teacher and creative director at Mitzvah Kinder. After teaching high school students the basics of design, Baily developed a in line and home (no internet access required) graphic design course.

Baily teaches Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign – the essential tools used in graphic design – in her engaging, interactive and informative work. Classes. As an educator, her teaching style is clear and engaging. Baily’s course has over 1000 graduates and the testimonials attest to a comprehensive design education that is fun and easy to understand, even for beginners.

(Above are some of the assignments submitted by students as practice after each lesson.)

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