National GOP group launches digital ads in Maine

The Republican State Leadership Committee is launching a new attack ad on Maine’s digital platforms targeting President Joe Biden, the Washington, DC-based group announced Thursday.

The campaign – described as costing six figures – is targeting voters who regret voting for the Democrat in 2020. In addition to Maine, the ad will run in Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York and Washington State.

“Joe Biden’s failures have raised inflation, raged crime, education is under attack and are rocking voters across the country realizing they made the wrong decision in 2020,” said Dee Duncan, chairman of the Republican Leadership Group, in a press release.

The ad will encourage voters to turn to Republicans and lead them to a site where they can learn more about state legislative races.

In recent weeks, national groups that track political campaigns have listed Maine as potential pick-ups for Republicans. Although Democrats now control the Maine House, the Senate and the governor’s mansion, all 186 seats in both houses and the governor will be up for election this fall.

Last week, CNalysis, a nonpartisan group that tracks state legislative elections, moved the Maine House from a draw to a Republican tilt, the group posted on Twitter. He rates the Maine Senate as Democratic-leaning. And in an article published on FiveThirtyEight, a political analysis site affiliated with ABC News, Maine is described as having “one of the most competitive legislatures in the country.”

“With Democrats currently in control of both chambers, this will be one of the GOP’s top pick-up targets in 2022,” according to an April 5 article analyzing the impact of redistricting on state legislative battles.