Nelson Campaign launches first paid radio and digital ad campaign focused on fight for the little guy

Appleton, Wis. – Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive and populist pro-worker U.S. Senate candidate, released his first paid campaign ads, a series of radio and digital ads to promote his strong record fighting for paperworkers in Fox Valley versus corporate greed and his ability to beat Ron Johnson from a red part of the state.

This week, Nelson ran ads on Devil’s Radio, a progressive radio station covering Madison, Milwaukee and central Wisconsin airwaves. The ads highlight Nelson’s central message by making sure we put Main Street before Wall Street and contrasting his humble roots with Ron Johnson’s marriage into a billionaire family. You can listen to announcements here and here. Nelson is the only major Senate candidate to advertise on Devil’s Radio.

In addition to these radio ads, Nelson for Wisconsin has released a new series of Facebook ads where Nelson explains the stories of three closed paper mills – in Neenah, Kimberly and Appleton – that highlight his campaign to save Wisconsin manufacturing jobs. as opposed to Ron Johnson’s clear announcement. negligence case. The three featured mills are Clearwater Paper in Neenah, NewPage Mill in Kimberly and Neenah Paper in Appleton.

LINKS to ads:

Clearwater Paper’s announcement is HERE

The Kimberly NewPage Mill ad is HERE

Neenah Paper’s announcement is HERE

The airing of the advertisements follows Nelson’s introduction of his political foreground in early March, which focused on getting jobs and the supply chain back to the United States, fighting inflation, and enforcing our antitrust regulations to fight for working families.

Nelson has made the relocation of our manufacturing industry a central issue in his campaign and has written a book on his experience in helping to save the Appleton coated paper mill in the combined locks.

Campaign Manager Irene Lin explained, “Our new paid ads are consistent with our grassroots approach by targeting a progressive audience on a radio station that has so far been sadly overlooked by other Democratic candidates spending money. million on television. The Facebook ads clearly show Tom’s record of fighting for workers here in Fox Valley against the forces of corporate greed and are a powerful reminder of the need for domestic manufacturing in light of our current supply chain. and crises of inflation. We believe this message and Tom’s proven ability to win in a Trump County will resonate with Democratic voters who can see through self-funded television ads.



TOM: Two-thirds of US senators are millionaires, including Ron Johnson, who married into a billionaire family. I am Tom Nelson, NOT a millionaire. Just the son of a Lutheran pastor, who approves of this message.

TOM: I need your help getting to the Senate and making sure people like Johnson finally pay their fair share. Go to if you can donate a few bucks, so we can make sure EVERYONE has a voice.

TOM: Paid by Nelson For Wisconsin.


TOM: Hi, I’m Tom Nelson, I approve of this message. I am a county leader who has won six times in a Trump county, because I am a proven progressive who fights for working people. That’s how I helped save 300 unionized jobs at a local paper mill when a big bank wanted to shut it down.

TOM: We need to reverse the disastrous corporate globalization policies that ship good jobs overseas, causing supply chain problems and inflation. Now I’m running for the US Senate to take on America’s worst senator, Ron Johnson, because we need someone who puts Main Street above Wall Street.

TOM: Paid by Nelson For Wisconsin.


TOM: Tom Nelson, candidate for the United States Senate. I’m here in Neenah, Wisconsin, behind me was Clearwater Paper. They shut it down, cutting 300 jobs. Why?

Because the company said it couldn’t profitably compete in the markets it served. What the hell are they talking about?

It’s always a question of money and profits. It’s never about people. How to thank the workers? We fire them. And that’s the kind of attitude that people like Ron Johnson have.

We can’t bring those jobs back, but we can send a message. We can retire Ron Johnson this fall.


TOM: Hello, Tom Nelson, candidate for the United States Senate. I’m here in Kimberly, Wisconsin. I grew up across the river here, Little Chute, my dad started a church just down the road. Many of my friends worked here after high school when it was a paper mill.

One day a Wall Street private equity firm called Cerberus stepped in and shut it down, taking 600 jobs with it. Ron Johnson

thought they deserved tax relief.

Think about it. Shut down the factory, cut 600 jobs and cheat on your taxes. We can bring Cerberus to justice and we can remove Ron Johnson.


TOM: Hey, Tom Nelson, US Senate candidate. I’m here in Appleton, Wisconsin, right behind me is Neenah Paper, or what was Neenah Paper.

Last year, their Georgia-based company shut it down, taking 100 jobs with it. Why? I will tell you why. “We found that installation is no longer a competitive advantage. It doesn’t really fit our long-term business goals, and we didn’t really have any other profitable alternatives, so we made this very difficult decision.

You know, I’m tired of hearing that. It’s always money. It’s always the profits on working families. It’s not about the people, the people I want to represent and the people Ron Johnson is supposed to represent.

You know, we can’t bring those jobs back, unfortunately, but we can send a message. We can send a message by retiring Ron Johnson this fall.