PR News | Mobile will account for 70% of digital ads by 2026

According to a financial information hub report.

Share of digital ad spend, 2017-2026.

According to the StockApps report, mobile is driving significant gains in the world of digital advertising. Mobile platforms accounted for 60% of digital ad revenue last year and will account for 62% of digital ad spend this year and 64% in 2023. Mobile’s share of digital ad spend is expected to grow by around 2% each year over the next few years. five years, with estimates indicating that mobile’s share of the digital advertising pie is expected to represent 70% of all digital advertising by 2026.

However, a look at mobile’s rapidly escalating gains over the past five years reveals that the annual growth rate of mobile ads has actually slowed significantly. According to the StockApps report, the annual growth rate of overall ad spend on mobile platforms was 11% in 2018, while mobile accounted for less than half (49%) of digital ad spend. This growth fell to 9% in 2019 (when mobile accounted for 54% of digital ad spend), then to 7% in 2020 (when mobile accounted for 57%). Last year, StockApps estimates that the annual growth rate should hover between 3 and 4%.

The StockApps report was based on figures obtained from internet statistics firm Statista.