The government spent Rs 23.18 crore on TV, print and digital ads in the first quarter of FY23

The Union Government has spent Rs 23.18 crore on advertisements on TV, print and internet platforms in 2022-23 till June 30.

The Central Bureau of Communication (CBC, formerly BOC) under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) spent Rs 1.96 crore on 99 channels during the reporting period. While the government spent Rs 19.25 crore on 1,529 newspapers, spending on 30 websites amounted to Rs 1.97 crore, according to data shared by the Central Office of Communication.

In FY22, government advertising expenditure amounted to Rs 210.17 crore, of which Rs 29.30 crore on 265 TV channels, Rs 179.04 crore on 6,224 newspapers and Rs 1.83 crore on 18 websites.

In FY21, the government spent Rs 274.73 crore on advertisements, including Rs 69.81 crore on 318 channels, Rs 197.49 crore on 5,210 newspapers and Rs 7.43 crore on 72 websites.

In the financial year 2020, the central government spent a whopping Rs 403.12 crore on advertising. Of this amount, the government allocated Rs 98.69 crore to 270 channels and printing expenditure amounted to Rs 295.05 crore for 5,326 newspapers. Rs 9.35 crore was spent on 54 websites.

Between FY20 and Q1 FY23, the government spent a cumulative amount of Rs 911.28 crore on advertisements.

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